PH Levels in Your Mouth—Why does it matter?

The pH level in your mouth plays a critical role in maintaining oral health. It serves as a delicate balance that, when disrupted, can lead to a variety of dental problems including tooth decay, enamel erosion, and periodontal disease. Understanding the factors that influence mouth pH and how to maintain a balanced oral environment is … Continued

Integrative Dentistry: Muscle Function and Oral Health

Muscle function plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health, yet its significance often goes unnoticed in traditional dental care. Research highlights the connection between muscle function and various oral health conditions, including sleep-disordered breathing, temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, malocclusion, and more. Understanding the role of muscle function in these conditions is essential for providing … Continued

Understanding the Vital Difference Between Airway and Airflow for Optimal Health

The terms “airway” and “airflow” are frequently used. While they might seem synonymous at first glance, they represent distinct aspects of our respiratory and oral anatomy, each playing crucial roles in our overall well-being. Understanding the difference between these two concepts is essential for comprehending their impact on health, particularly dental health. The difference between … Continued

The Importance of Tongue Brushing

While oral hygiene primarily focuses on the care of teeth and gums, the tongue often remains an overlooked player in the narrative of oral health. As a biological dental office, we know the importance that the whole body plays on our overall health, and the tongue is integral to both oral and overall health. The … Continued