Laser Gum Therapy in Santa Teresa, NM!

More advanced stages of gum disease tend to require more than just a periodontal cleaning. In some cases, our team may recommend laser gum therapy to treat diseased portions of the gumline and help promote regrowth. Laser gum therapy works best when used with another periodontal treatment. At Santa Teresa Smiles, we offer state-of-the-art laser gum therapy for patients dealing with more advanced stages of gum disease. Get in touch with our office to learn more!

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Teeth Laser Gum Therapy FAQs

Gum laser therapy provides patients with periodontal disease with a less invasive way to treat and manage gum disease. Instead of a surgical procedure, laser gum therapy involves using a soft tissue laser to treat the diseased or infected gumline. Laser therapy provides quick recovery and precise treatment!

If you suffer from more advanced stages of periodontitis, you may benefit from laser gum therapy. Gum disease affects your oral health in many ways and can make enjoying regular activities like eating or smiling difficult. While there are multiple ways to treat it, you may be wondering if laser therapy is right for you. Anyone with advanced to severe gum disease is likely a good candidate for laser therapy. However, our team will thoroughly review your medical history, gum condition and discuss your concerns before continuing with laser therapy.

Laser therapy for gum disease is efficient and minimally invasive. At Santa Teresa Smiles, our team uses a soft tissue laser to treat the disease portions of the gumline and promote regrowth. Besides using the laser to remove inflamed gum tissue from the gums, our team will also remove tartar or plaque buildup below and around the gumline. After laser gum therapy, healing will be necessary for your gums to tighten back around the tooth. Before and after your laser therapy treatment, we’ll provide you with the best post-op care instructions.