Myofunctional Therapy in West El Paso

The function of facial muscles and the tongue play a critical role when chewing, swallowing, breathing, and smiling. When one of these activities has become difficult or seems more difficult than it should be, myofunctional therapy can help treat the muscles in and around the mouth to alleviate or prevent further struggle with these activities. If you have a myofunctional disorder or believe you can benefit from myofunctional therapy, reach out to our office to schedule your appointment!

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What is Myofunctional Therapy?

Myofunctional therapy uses a series of exercises to improve the bite, breathing, and even facial posture. Most myofunctional therapy exercises focus on the face and mouth, but some can also involve the neck. However, the main focus of myofunctional therapy is the tongue. Abnormal tongue position can impact oral health and activities such as breathing, talking, or chewing. Myofunctional therapy exercises are personal for each patient based on their needs to retrain facial muscles and improve facial function.

Myofunctional therapy can treat a broad range of issues. For example, tongue exercises for apnea can help in the case of improved breathing during sleep. There’s a variety of tongue exercises for apnea you can learn and then do at home. A myofunctional therapy TMJ focus can address tongue pain and tongue restriction when a patient has TMJ. Each of these cases in a patient can benefit from myofunctional therapy exercises.

Some common signs of myofunctional disorders include tongue thrusting, facial pain, sleep apnea, and speech problems. If you struggle or suffer from one of these, myofunctional therapy exercises are likely to help you. A myofunctional therapy TMJ treatment can make all the difference when it comes to alleviating pain. Myofunctional therapy exercises can seem funny to do, but they do work and can improve your quality of life.

If you’ve been searching for myofunctional therapy near me, our friendly staff at Santa Teresa Smiles can help! Contact us to schedule a consultation to receive myofunctional therapy in West El Paso!

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