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At Santa Teresa Smiles, our goal is to be an exceptional, affordable dentist Santa Teresa residents can count on. We know it can be hard to fit dental services into your family’s budget, which is why we do our best to work with families to determine the best financing options that will make paying for high-quality dental care easy. If you have any questions or concerns for our friendly team, please don’t hesitate to ask. We can work with you over the phone or you can submit questions that don’t contain sensitive information using our virtual contact form and someone will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

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What services will my dental insurance cover?

Coverage varies from provider to provider, but there are a few general rules that most dental insurance plans follow. For starters, dental insurance almost always covers the cost of routine cleanings and exams completely, allowing every patient to receive their regular preventive care with no out-of-pocket costs. Insurance will usually cover 80% of what are considered “basic” procedures, like fillings and root canal therapy. For more advanced treatments, like crowns, implants, and dentures, your insurance may only cover about half of the cost. For patients who are uninsured or underinsured, we accept cash, debit and credit, and CareCredit and LendingClub.


What is CareCredit®?

CareCredit offers flexible financing plans for patients who need a way to subsidize the cost of their care upfront and pay it off later using feasible monthly payments. CareCredit essentially works like a credit card that is specifically for health and dental care costs, allowing you to finance any of the dental treatments that you want or need. Then, you can pick a 6-24 month payment plan that will work with your budget and make payments that accrue little to no interest when paid on time. Most patients receive an instant credit decision when they apply online, and CareCredit plans can be used right away, so apply today!


What is LendingClub?

LendingClub works similarly to CareCredit, except patients receive personal loans instead of using credit to pay for their treatments. After the application process is completed, qualified applicants receive loan offers to choose from. You will be able to review your monthly payment and interest rate options and choose what will work best for you and your family. Then, your loan will be deposited into your bank account in a few business days, allowing you to pay for the services that you need. Both CareCredit and LendingClub are excellent choices for patients who need flexible financing options for their dental care.

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