Dental Implant Restoration Santa Teresa & West El Paso

Dental implants are a popular tooth-replacement method, and for good reason. Dental implants look, feel, and function very similarly to natural teeth, and they are very reliable dental restorations. If your implant ever needs to be restored, however, our team would be happy to assess the situation and correct any issues that have come up since the implant was placed. To learn more or schedule a visit with our office, please contact us!

illustration of a dental implant

Dental Implant FAQs

Dental implants are durable restorations that have high success rates, but sometimes they do need to be repaired. If your dental implant becomes loose, please contact our office right away, as the implant will only become looser over time. If your crown becomes damaged or comes off, please bring the crown or any pieces of the crown that you are able to collect with you to our office. Repairing an implant usually involves removing and replacing a titanium post or repairing or replacing the crown that is attached to the implant.

Dental implants typically have a 99% success rate, and dental implant failure is pretty rare. However, if you notice pain around the implant, swollen gums, gum recession around the implant, or you have difficulty biting down and eating, those can be signs that the implant procedure has failed. A loose implant means that osseointegration did not occur, which means the implant failed to fuse with the jawbone properly. If you notice anything else that seems abnormal about your implant, feel free to contact our office for assistance.

Dental implants are known for their stability and longevity. A well-treated dental implant can actually last a lifetime! If a dental implant needs to be repaired in any way, it’s usually the crown that needs to be restored and not the titanium implant in the jawbone. Repairing or replacing a crown is a pretty simple process that doesn’t typically require much special care or recovery time for the patient. The best way to keep your implant in great shape is by practicing good oral hygiene at home and visiting our office regularly for routine cleanings and dental exams.