Children’s Dentistry in West El Paso

Kids should begin visiting the dentist after they celebrate their first birthday or when their first tooth comes in, whichever happens first. This is so that our team can assess their gums and whatever teeth they have so we can diagnose and treat any problems before they progress and become more difficult to treat. If you have any questions for us or need to schedule your child’s next visit with a family dentistry in El Paso, please reach out to our friendly front office team!

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What services does my child need?

Children should receive biannual teeth cleanings and dental exams just like adults. When it comes to additional services, dental sealants are excellent preventive services that can keep your child smiling big! In addition to protecting their teeth from tooth decay, athletic mouthguards help protect teeth from dental trauma that can occur during sports practices and games. Our team can recommend any other specific services that your child may need during their next visit with us.

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What if my child is nervous about visiting the dentist?

It is perfectly normal for both kids and adults to feel at least a little nervous upon entering a dentist’s office. We like to explain our treatments in a kid-friendly way and work at the pace of each unique child to help them feel totally comfortable in our office. We can also take them on a quick tour of our practice to show them that there’s nothing to be scared of. For more moderate to severe dental anxiety, we offer nitrous oxide sedation, which can help them sit still in the dental chair and reduce their anxious thoughts.

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Is children’s dental care affordable?

High-quality preventive care not only helps your child avoid more invasive dental treatments down the road, it also helps to keep your family’s annual dental costs down, which is why we recommend that kids visit our office regularly. If your child has dental insurance, their biannual visits are likely completely covered by their benefits. If they are uninsured, we can help you find an affordable way to pay for their care through payment plans like CareCredit® and LendingClub. For questions about our family dentistry services, concerns, or more information, please contact our office!

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