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Lip ties and tongue ties are fairly common issues. The effects of these conditions aren’t always immediately noticeable, but they can have an impact on everyday tasks like eating & digestion and can make speech development more difficult. Fortunately, these problems can be corrected through a surgical procedure called a frenuloplasty. If you think you or your child may be struggling with a tongue tie or lip tie, reach out to our office to schedule your appointment!

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What Are Tongue Ties and Lip Ties?

There are small bands of tissue in everyone’s mouths called frenulums. These bands connect different parts of the mouth.

Tongue Tie is a condition that some people are born with, where the frenulum that connects the tongue to the floor of the mouth is too tight. Medically referred to as ankyloglossia, this condition restricts the movement of the tongue.

Lip Tie also refers to an overly tight frenulum, in this case between the upper gum and the upper lip. The restriction of movement for the upper lip causes similar problems and can similarly be resolved by a frenuloplasty. Both conditions can result in symptoms such as:

  • Difficulty nursing
  • Slowed weight gain
  • Slowed or difficult speech development
  • Gaps between the front teeth
  • Increased risk of tooth decay and infection
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How Does a Frenuloplasty Work?

This surgical procedure is minimally invasive. In most cases it only requires a topical or local anesthetic. Dr. Oushy uses laser therapy and complications are rare. Frenuloplasty is done in conjunction with other therapies and treatments. Our patients are babies to adults in the treatment of speech, feeding, breathing, and dental issues. When we evaluate you we will recommend the best course of action for your particular needs and symptoms.

If you’ve been searching for a dentist near you who can treat tongue-ties, Santa Teresa Smiles can help! Schedule your tongue tie or lip tie revision today.

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