Benefits of Ozone Therapy

Dental patient getting ozone therapy.

Ozone therapy may sound more like something you come across in a science lab than in a dental office. However, it’s becoming more and more common to see it offered at practices across the country. At Santa Teresa Smiles, we are pleased to offer ozone treatment as part of our comprehensive dental services. Here’s a little bit more about what it is and how it may benefit you.

Ozone Therapy 101

Before we dive into its benefits, it’s important to first understand what ozone therapy is. Ozone dental therapy is a holistic treatment used to remove damaging bacteria and prevent it from appearing again. The “ozone” in its name is a form of oxygen that can disinfect. It can be applied to areas of the mouth either in a liquid or a gas form. We use ozone therapy for a variety of dental situations. We can use it to disinfect the mouth with oral surgery, treat infections, and handle gum disease. It has even been shown to help boost the immune response and promote healing.

Why People Like Ozone Therapy

Aside from all the ways ozone therapy can help promote better oral health, it’s appreciated by dentists and patients alike for being noninvasive. Basically, there are no drills, injections, or other invasive tools used during the treatment, so you won’t have to worry about any potential discomfort from that. That also means that you won’t have to schedule in a recovery period after the treatment, since there are no numbing agents or medications that wear off. You’ll be able to continue on with your day like normal!

Ozone Therapy at Santa Teresa Smiles

If you have more questions about how ozone therapy works and how it might help you, feel free to contact Santa Teresa Smiles. Dr. Oushy is a board certified holistic dentist. We provide holistic dentistry in Santa Teresa, NM and El Paso, TX. Our team at either location would be happy to help you achieve better oral health.