Why Should You Choose a Holistic Dentist?

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Your dental health and your overall health are fundamentally linked. Not only can oral bacteria and infections lead to other health issues, your oral health also provides a unique window into the state of your body. At Santa Teresa Smiles, we understand the important connection between your mouth and your body, and we are proud to offer a holistic dentistry practice that protects that connection.

What Is Holistic Dentistry?

Holistic dentistry involves a total-wellness approach to care. This means that we treat oral health with an eye to its impact on the entire body and with the goal of optimizing overall health. We also use dentistry to treat issues as diverse as headaches and TMD symptoms.

Our focus is on each of our patients as individuals, which means we never provide one-size-fits-all treatment. Instead, we create a customized treatment plan taking into account your oral and overall health history and your goals for your smile.

Why Do We Use Non-Toxic Treatments?

The use of non-toxic materials is a hallmark of holistic dentistry. Instead of using amalgam, the traditional dental filling material, we use body-friendly composite resin. Resin is biocompatible and tooth-colored, making it a safer choice that matches your natural teeth. Amalgam silver fillings can leak over your lifetime, exposing you to dangerous metals and weakening your tooth structure. If you already have amalgam fillings, we offer the Safe Mercury Amalgam Removal Treatment (SMART). We’ll safely remove your amalgam fillings and replace them with biocompatible composite resin.

Holistic Care For the Entire Family

For patients of all ages, holistic dentistry treatment is a great way to maximize your oral and overall health. Whether you’re new to holistic dentistry or just looking to find a new holistic provider in Santa Teresa, we want to get to know you! To ask our team any questions or to schedule an appointment, call our office today!