Why CBCT Scans?

Woman standing in a CBCT scanner with dental tech helping her set up

We prioritize your oral health and the precision of your treatments at Santa Teresa Smiles. This is why we utilize Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans, a cutting-edge imaging technology that significantly enhances our diagnostic capabilities and treatment planning.

Superior Imaging with Less Radiation

One of the standout benefits of CBCT scans is their ability to provide highly detailed images while exposing patients to less radiation compared to traditional X-rays. Traditional dental X-rays, although useful, often involve higher doses of radiation and offer limited, two-dimensional views. In contrast, CBCT scans use a cone-shaped X-ray beam that captures comprehensive 3D images of your teeth, bones, and soft tissues in a single rotation. This advanced technology ensures that we achieve superior imaging quality with a lower radiation dose, making it a safer option for our patients.

Enhanced Diagnostic Accuracy

The detailed 3D images produced by CBCT scans allow our dental professionals to see your dental structures with unparalleled clarity. This level of detail is crucial for diagnosing complex conditions that might not be visible with standard X-rays. Whether it’s detecting hidden cavities, evaluating the quality of bone for implant placement, or assessing the alignment of teeth and jaw structures, CBCT scans provide us with the precise information needed to make accurate diagnoses.

Personalized Treatment Planning

The enhanced imaging capabilities of CBCT scans enable us to tailor our treatments to your specific needs. With detailed 3D visuals, we can plan and execute dental procedures with greater accuracy and predictability. For example, in implant dentistry, CBCT scans allow us to determine the exact location, angle, and depth for implant placement, reducing the risk of complications and improving the overall success rate. Similarly, for orthodontic treatments, the comprehensive images help in devising precise treatment plans that ensure optimal outcomes.

Commitment to Your Health and Safety

Our commitment to utilizing CBCT technology reflects our dedication to providing the highest standard of care while prioritizing your safety. The combination of lower radiation exposure and superior diagnostic capabilities means you receive the best possible dental care with minimal risk. By integrating CBCT scans into our practice, we enhance our ability to diagnose, plan, and treat dental issues more effectively, ultimately leading to better, more personalized care for you.