Tongue Ties in Adults—What’s the big deal?

Woman with her mouth open and her tongue not able to be lifted up .

Most people think of children when they think of tongue ties and frenectomies. About 25% of children have a tongue tie. Likewise about 25% of adults also have a tongue tie. Severity varies,and most people think of the severe cases of tongue and lip ties that severely limit mobility and speech and eating, but even mild cases can have life long implications as it doesn’t stretch out over time, but becomes more restrictive over time.

  • Neck and shoulder tension
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Sleep difficulties (snoring, teeth grinding, sleep apnea,poor sleep quality, fatigue, brain fog)
  • Mouth breathing
  • Slow eating or trouble swallowing
  • TMJD issues (jaw)
  • Constipation/GI issues
  • Hyperactivity/Inattention
  • Stree and Anxiety

You don’t have to have all of these symptoms to have a tongue tie and complications surrounding that. The overall picture of how many symptoms you have will paint a picture of how you should treat your tongue tie for better overall health. This is part of our evaluation process when you come to see Dr. Oushy.

Once you have been evaluated by an integrative dentist, the next step typically begins with Myofunctional Therapy (Myo). Professional Myofunctional Therapists work with patients to help them change the way they use the muscles in and around their mouths. This is crucial to anyone getting a frenectomy to realign your muscle to properly learn how to function. (Like physical therapy for knee surgery). Without Myo, many people will see marked improvement directly following the frenectomy, but will lose progress with time as decades of oral habits keep you from progressing.

After myofunctional therapy has begun, the therapist will let you know when you are ready for your frenuloplasty. We work directly with an inhouse therapist at Santa Teresa Smiles, Susana Sexaur. From there a frenuloplasty and then possibly other oral treatments to help with any crowding or other dental issues that have built up due to the limited mobility of the tongue tie.

Contact us today if you believe you have a tongue tie or related issues. We will schedule an evaluation.