Tips for Caring for Your Dentures

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Dentures require slightly different care compared to natural teeth. A proper oral hygiene routine ensures that your mouth stays healthy, and your dentures stay in the best shape possible. Santa Teresa Smiles offers the following tips for taking care of your dentures.

Clean Your Dentures Daily

Just like with natural teeth, dentures also need daily cleaning. We recommend using a denture cleanser and soft-bristled toothbrush. Cleaning your dentures will help remove food debris, plaque, bacteria, and leftover adhesive. A denture cleaner will help with soaking your dentures overnight. Remember, your dentures need to stay moist to keep their shape. You will also want to make sure you brush the dentures’ curves to remove plaque and other unwanted materials adequately.

Handle Your Dentures with Care

Dentures are breakable, so you want to take precautions to prevent damage from happening. When removing your dentures, you may want to consider doing so over a sink full of water or a folded towel. This way, if you do accidentally drop your dentures, they won’t break.

Schedule Regular Dental Appointments

It’s essential to have a dentist inspect your dentures. Dr. Oushy can look for an improper fit and check that you have healthy gums. If you notice that your dentures don’t fit as well as before, you may want to schedule an appointment with us to examine your dentures’ fit.

What NOT to Do with Your Dentures

Now that we’ve discussed what you should do to take care of your dentures, let’s talk about some of the things NOT to do. First, don’t use abrasive materials. Some products will harm your dentures. Products to avoid include hard-bristled toothbrushes, harsh toothpaste, and strong cleansers. Additionally, avoid using hot water which can potentially cause your dentures to warp and not fit in your mouth anymore.

Personalized Care in Santa Teresa, NM

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